We are planning to reach the camp before sunset

What could it be like for someone from a completely different culture to enter a huge city on the European continent for the first time, coming from the perspective of the sea? Can Europe really fulfill the ultimate promise of urbanity and expansiveness? What has become of the ideals of modernity and its grandiose utopias? And what path has the European idea taken? Are hopes being disappointed in this context, and do ideals perhaps even have to be abandoned? The pictures in this magazine were taken over a period of more than 10 years in various locations such as the Turkish-Bulgarian border, Sofia, Casablanca, Cologne, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Oswiecim.

Self-published photo magazine. 96 page, lots of 35 mm photographs. Limited to 50 copies.

Stacked Magazines Mockup by Anthony Boyd GraphicsStacked Magazines Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics