Rapper/Director Boris Dörning aka Borismann takes his perspective as a filmmaker in front of the camera. Borismann makes a stand for the music video as an art form and his track VIDEO is an ironic commentary on the state of the video business. Everyone wants a great Video, as cheaply as possible and more often than not they want it for free. With a heavy trash influence the video shows a group of old men dancing in protest of the ever recurring patterns of the HipHop circus. VIDEO shows how bad art will look, if it is badly paid.
You get what you pay for...

Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_00_14_11.Standbild003Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_00_14_11.Standbild003
Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_03_09_12.Standbild007Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_03_09_12.Standbild007
Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_00_57_00.Standbild010Borismann ft. Angry Teng & Sternmorgenstern_Video.mp4.00_00_57_00.Standbild010