Decay Force Hong Kong

The music video for the band DFHK shows various scenes from Hong Kong, all of which were found on the video platform YouTube. In post-production, these scenes are distorted by image noise and distortions in the style of the VHS video cassette era. The image of the city oscillates between dystopia and utopia. On the one hand, anonymity and isolation as well as existential feeling of being a stranger. On the other, the Chinese leadership's promise of urban freedom to the citizens of Hong Kong. A promise that Beijing has never kept. 

Scraping the skyscrapers. Searchlight, the nightshade. Facing a great danger. Words find the right place. Cement - the scent of the night. 
Screens scream existence. Decay Force Hong Kong.

DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_26_02.Standbild002DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_26_02.Standbild002
DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_20_07.Standbild005DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_20_07.Standbild005