Decay Force Hong Kong

Scraping the skyscrapers. Searchlight, the nightshade. Facing a great danger. Words find the right place. Cement - the scent of the night. 
Screens scream existence. Decay Force Hong Kong. 

Client: DFHK
Role: Concept, Research, Animation, Editing

DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_26_02.Standbild002DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_26_02.Standbild002
DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_20_07.Standbild005DFHK_Dekay Force HongKong.mp4.00_00_20_07.Standbild005